Forever Elite (ft. LBJ, DWade, D12 and KB8)

16 01 2010

I’m on my NBA ish right now…and this is just a masterpiece right here

I would have put D12 as Kanye, and LBJ as Weezy but eh…its still fiyah!!!


Amazing Really Does Happen in the NBA

16 01 2010

This right here…this is why I love the NBA!!

Where Sundiata Gaines happens…

DeMar DeRozan “Heir Canada” MIX

9 01 2010

The future of the Toronto Raptors is in his hands….

Ty Lawson on DJ Mbenga

9 12 2009

I know this is a little old now, but it is too sick to not post. DJ Mbenga went against the Law, SON, and lost….

Allen Iverson Press Conference Philadelphia 76ers

4 12 2009

All is right in the basketball world again. The Real AI is back in Philly!!

Shannon Brown Vs Dwyane Wade (Dunk of the night)

13 11 2009


“Welcome to your Kodak moment…..”  Siiick



“You shouldn’t be allowed to do that…unless your able to do that” LMFAO

Dwyane Wade plays 1 on 5 and wins!!!

5 11 2009

Dwyane F$@%ing Wade!!!

Wade Running (with) the Bulls!!!